Data Capture

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Many companies have deal with the great variety of inbox documents everyday.

Sooner or later it`s getting almost impossible to process all these documents manually. And there can be just two solutions: hire some extra workers or automate the document processing. Obviously the second option is more desirable.

Data capture systems are the solutions that can help to make document processing easier.

What Data Сapture systems can do?

The applications of this type can extract the attributes (dates, numbers, table contents) from the scanned copies of documents and then transfer them into various information systems (Alfresco, Documentum, Sharepoint etc).

The only operation performed by hand is verification: the user have to check up if the recognized data are adequate and correct them if it`s necessary.

Data Capture can be used in such industry branches as Pharmacy, Banking, Leasing, Insurance and also for Government sector.

“Eureka BPO, Ltd” is specialized in implementing Data Capture systems FILLIN. That`s our own product and we work hard on improving it. There are several variations of this system for different clients` requirements:

FILLIN Desktop

The intelligent data capture software designed to automate data extraction from the scanned documents. It can automatically extract attributes from different types of scanned images and transfer the results into another systems (Alfresco, Documentum, Sharepoint etc).


Service-oriented data capture application designed to automate data extraction from incoming documents without user`s assistance.


Web-oriented data capture software. It helps to automate data extraction from the incoming documents (bills, forms, certificates, contracts, agreements etc.)


Embedded data capture application designed to automate document processing and data extraction from the scanned inbox documents. The results of recognition can be converted to the various formats supported by the systems such as Navision, MS Dynamics and others.

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